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Paradox Cat Ltd. is a specialist software development partner in the area of real-time graphics.

As a partner / supplier for various premium automotive manufacturers, we support graphical interface development for high-end in car cluster instruments and infotainment systems.

In addition to this, Paradox Cat Ltd. has increasingly participated in Proof of Concept projects and feasibility studies in the Human Machine Interaction (HMI) spectrum. Here, we focus on the implementation of new emerging technologies and their usability and implementation in the car of the future.


Paradox Cat Ltd. brings together interdisciplinary core competences in the following areas

Project Management and Steering

Project Management and Steering

We find that some of our customers, already have an idea of what it is they want to achieve, but need external expertise to reach those goals. This can be anything from doing technical assessments to actual in house project management. Our project managers aim to control the values of the project (e.g. dates, costs, results). The project control serves to collect and measure performance information in order to make any process improvements possible. To this end, we prepare status reports and forecasts. Our progress reports and evaluations provide information on the performance of the project in terms of content, scope, quality and risks.

Process Optimisation

Process Optimisation

One of the challenges facing our customers is reducing complexity from workflow processes. This is especially pertinent when it comes to graphics design and implementation. As well as process design and optimisation, we support with the actual uptake of new processes internally – to ensure follow through. In close coordination with all stakeholders, we develop process optimisation components and smoothly integrate them into existing processes, or if required, we start from scratch. We use proven solutions and our own extensions for a lean and results-oriented workflow.

Tools Development

Tool Development

Tool development is a core pillar of the paradox cat. We have two dedicated teams working in this area. Not only does it support other graphics optimisation work, but we also develop bespoke tools at customer request. We are technology and platform agnostic and have a wealth of experience across most industry technologies currently being used.



Usablility Engineering

Usability Engineering

We offer various services around Usability methods in relation to ISO-9241. Some of the modules we are experienced in cover Task Analysis in Relation to Use Scenarios, Product Analysis in relation to Product Context, and Requirements Analysis in the software development arena.



We have extensive experience of creative design for HMI interfaces. For some of our customers we also support and consult for their internal design teams.





Technical Art

Technical Art

We work closely with creative design to implement their ideas into production of the Series cars infotainment systems. This includes mapping and establishing the graphics production pipeline, optimisation of graphics for real-time systems and working with tools such as Kanzi, Unity, Scene Composer etc.

Proof of Concept Projects

Proof of Concept Projects

As the market and consumer demand develops, our customers have tough decisions to make about the technical direction their products will be taking in the future. This normally means heavy investment in emerging technologies and platforms. Before these decisions are made we support our customers with technical Proof of Concept projects, which enable us to test out technical scenarios in controlled environments. This ultimately supports our customers by giving them real evidence of potential outcomes. Projects are as diverse as connectivity, cross platform content and in car gesture control

Game Development

Game Development

The experiences we bring with us from game development are instrumental to our success. When it comes to HMI, the technology platforms, consumer requirements, customer trends etc we see a significant overlap with the game industry. This goes double for graphics development. We have made a conscious decision to remain embedded in the games industry, as we see so many transferable learnings. We also still develop apps, both independently and with our customers.



As new technologies and working methodologies are slowly being adopted within the automobile sector, our customers also ask us to conduct trainings and workshops for their internal and external staff. This covers topics as varied as Axure Usage and Adoption, Test Protocols and Agile Project Management. The training modules are created based on the needs of the customer – and we always make sure we get feedback.


High-quality solutions that meet the most stringent requirements


The ambition of Paradox Cat Ltd. is to enable the ideas and requirements of our customers. Our goal is to find an optimal product for our customers and to implement it, having evaluated all possible technical options. With our state of the art solutions, we are contributing to realising the future.

The automotive industry of today is characterized by ever-evolving computerization, modern networking and connectivity capabilities, and consistently shorter innovation cycles.

Automobile Infotainment is constantly challenging us with new requirements when it comes to making a variety of new functions available in the car. Due to the rapid development of smartphones, voice control, gesture control or more sophisticated navigation, we are constantly working to keep up to date with the latest technology.



All three members of the Leadership have a long and varied history in the computer games industry and international business. Their areas of expertise include games, tools and engines development, and business development. They all have extensive industry experience, both in start up well as working for larger global organisations.

They understand the value of these varied experiences and take these learnings into successfully running Paradox Cat Ltd. They are inspired by the fact they are continually learning from each other and excited about the future of Paradox Cat Ltd.



Dmitrij Kolb

CEO and Owner

Dmitri Kolb: CEO and Founder


Dmitri is a creator with a vision.

Dmitri has a passion for developing cutting edge graphics technology. He started programming games at the age of 11. He just could not beat his self-developed game-AI on his first 8bit computer. With 20 years of deep experience in developing software technology for games and medical visualisations, for larger companies and startups, Dmitri helped AUDI take its first steps in 3D Virtual Cockpit graphics development.

Dmitri loves the boundary pushing Ultima game series, especially VII, and with Richard Garriott’s permission and support developed an authentic iOS port of the first “3D” RPG game Akalabeth.

Dmitri’s favourite car: He loves his AUDI S6 Avant – wonderfully practical for the family and also a sports car. He admires Tesla cars and Elon Musk’s courage.

“Great development process is more than just optimisation. It’s about truly understanding the customer and helping teams to achieve better results on time.”

Balbir Blugan

COO, VP Business Development

Balbir Blugan: COO, VP Business Development


Balbir is a strategist, facilitator and coach.

Balbir has a Theology degree from the University of Oxford and feels that it put her in a good stead for a career in business. With over 20 years of prize-winning experience in business development at companies such as, Sony, Microsoft and Cap Gemini, Balbir strongly believes in the successful path of strategy-driven technology development.

Balbir is part of the old school Diddy Kong Racing fan base. Her passion for gaming was initiated by her misspent university days in front of her Nintendo64. She migrated to grown up games, such as Tekkan Tag, after investing in her PS2.

Balbir’s favourite car: Her VW T5 – great for throwing in the kids, mountain bikes and skis. However, she still dreams of a scarlet red 1970’s Alfa Romeo Spider, with walnut dashboard and cream leather seats…..move over Audrey Hepburn!”

“Success is more than just numbers. It is all about creativity, performance and the satisfactionhappiness of the customer.”

Christof Ruch


Christof Ruch: CTO


Christof is a solution seeker and doer.

Christof is a programming addict. He has been developing software since he was 11 years old. With 20 years of managing software teams for Brainlab, NxN, Avid and Conject, Christof loves to explore the technical ecosystems of different industries.

Christof is a fan of Pro Evolution Soccer, because to him this is the best local multiplayer game available, and never gets boring if you play against your friends

Christof’s favourite car: His Mercedes SLK original series R170 – from a time when design had edges and corners and the WWW had just been invented.

“No art can be created without tools, and while great art does not necessarily require great tools, I believe every artist should have access to the best tools and tool-smiths possible.”


Experienced. Innovative. motivated. We are passionate about our Mission.

We are a competent, experienced team with the ambition to realise our potential, here at Paradox Cat Ltd. Together we have the mission to make HMI development innovative and efficient through both established and emerging technology, with an interdisciplinary mindset. Our philosophy is to work closely with one another and utilize each other skillsets. It’s also much more rewarding and fun this way!


Come and join us!

If you would like to participate in our journey for unique infotainment solutions we eagerly await your application. We look forward to meeting you!


What we offer:

Exciting projects within the scope of HMI development
Time for independent work and further development possibilities
Flexible working hours
Bright, friendly office with fantastic terrace.
Snacks, drinks and coffee at your disposal

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